Gered Gereedschap supports with her programmes – under the name of EQUIP – craftsmanship in the broadest sense of the word: Education, employment and entrepreneurship.

The name ‘EQUIP’ reflects the objectives Gered Gereedschap wants to achieve with its efforts. To equip craftsmen and women in developing countries with the right tools and machines, theoretical knowledge and practical skills to create self-reliance. After all, this forms the basis: a craftsman should have access to all three elements to be able to properly practise his or her skills.

That is our goal together with EQUIP, good quality education, available to everyone. We support young craftsmen and women in their first steps into the labour market and start initiatives to improve entrepreneurship in the craft sector.


Quality education is the keystone of craftsmanship. This forms the basis. It is where you learn both theory and practice. This is why we supply the ingredients for good quality education, available to everyone.

We do this by:

Tools and machines

Supporting vocational education in developing countries with tools, machines, accommodation and equipment.


Supporting disadvantaged young people with scholarships to receive vocational training and to purchase study material and tools.

Teachers programme

Providing training to teachers in the areas of technical and didactic skills.

Curriculum development

Development of training programmes meeting the demand of the local labour market for an optimum balance between labour market and vocational training.

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A craftsman will only truly learn his trade by practising. Gered Gereedschap ensures a good start and supports young craftsmen after their training with their first steps into the labour market.

We support with:

Master-Apprentice programmes

After their training, start-up craftsmen are supported by an experienced craftsman Focus on transfer of (practical) vocational knowledge and training of life-skills and entrepreneurship.

Tool starterkit

Set of tools for a craftsman to get started.


Funding of building material and/or tools.

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Gered Gereedschap focusses on the craft and construction sector. Many craftsmen do not own the right tools and are therefore restricted in the deployment of their activities.

We help for example by establishing:

Rental workshops

Quality tools and machines are indispensable for a flourishing craft and construction sector. Gered Gereedschap makes these available to local craftsmen by setting up rental locations.

Refurbishing workshops

Old used tools are refurbished and prepared for re-use in tool refurbishing workshops. These will be used at locale vocational centres or at tool rental locations.

Our support consists of:

Tools and machines
Accommodation and equipment
Knowledge and guidance

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