Gered Gereedschap is able to do its job thanks to the commitment of many people involved. You can work as a volunteer in one of our workshops or at the head office.

As many as 500 volunteers are actively involved in the 26 workshops of Gered Gereedschap in the Netherlands. This is where the tools are sorted and great care is taken in refurbishing the collected hand tools for a second life. Half of all workshops are entirely organised by and through volunteers.

The regional workshops are supported centrally by the head office. As a volunteer you deal with requests for tools, arrange national transport and/or sea container shipments. The head office will continually inform all donors, sponsors and other people involved about the activities of Gered Gereedschap. This is a great communication job. There is always something new happening and the results of our projects are heart-warming and inspiring.

With lots of enthusiasm we work together towards one shared purpose: improve chances to a better life for (trainee) craftsmen and women in Africa. Want to be part of our team? Then join us now.


Henk Mekenkamp

Technical volunteer
workshop Waddinxveen

“The good thing about Gered Gereedschap is that you are doing useful work”

Pim van de Kraats

General Manager workshop Gered Gereedschap Nijkerk

“There is no such thing as impossible!”

Dory van der Meent

Logistic Coordinator
Head Office

“My job starts when the container with tools closes!”

Henk Kuipers

Working Foreman
workshop Eibergen

“Any old piece of tool is welcome in our workshop!”