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Gered Gereedschap supports craftsmen and women in developing countries. Our general programme objectives are laid down in our Foundation’s Articles. Our long-term approach is laid down in our policy plan and strategy paper.

The board as well as staff of the foundation is involved in developing, monitoring and adjusting these plans. During national meetings, workshops and volunteers are asked for their input as well. We also invite partners, volunteers and other aid organisations about their views on our plans.


Based on our long-term vision and established plans we set our objectives per year. We determine which building blocks will be used, which projects will be supported and decide which partners to cooperate with. Our objectives are laid down in our annual plan.

The board and staff members will evaluate several times per year to analyse the extent to which the results achieved have met the stated objectives.

Onze Ambitie


The management of Stichting Dienstencentrum Gered Gereedschap is the responsibility of the Board of the Foundation. They define the main lines of policy and take decisions at strategic level. To do so, they will consult project managers and volunteers from Gered Gereedschap.

The board has five members all of whom actively participate in the implementation. All board members are related to Gered Gereedschap on a voluntary and unpaid basis. The board consists of the following members:

Bob de Koff

‘I’m committed to GG because it is a wonderful organisation that supports the poor in Africa by giving them vocational education, helps them to find a job or to become an entrepreneur – thus making people self-supporting. Collecting used tools prevents unnecessary environmental impact and we also offer an opportunity to 500 enthusiastic volunteers to participate in this good cause.’

Arend Stemerding

‘Gered Gereedschap inspires me because the approach is very practical, and because it is a combination of fine objectives in Africa and in the Netherlands. In Africa to provide people with the opportunity to live an independent life, which is very important for Africa in the coming years and therefore also for Europe. Even in the Netherlands GG serves a good cause: sustainable re-use of tools and meaningful work for volunteers in the workshops. And every now and then, GG supplies tools to a project in the Netherlands. The combination of all this appealed to me, and it still does.’

Evelien van der Voorde
Board member

‘Gered Gereedschap supports starting technicians in developing countries. What I like about our support is the fact that it is concrete and broad. From 40 hand operated sewing machines for a school class, a starter’s toolkit for a graduate and a fully equipped metal workshop from where young metalworkers can deliver their products. Students and young entrepreneurs make a step forwards with this practical support. I happily commit myself to that!’

Mieke Schulte
Board member

‘To me, Gered Gereedschap is a special and smart organisation. Tools you would normally dispose of is collected by us. They are refurbished and send to an African country for a second life. About 500 volunteers throughout the Netherlands are actively involved in this. How lovely is that!’

Jan Galesloot


Stichting Dienstencentrum Gered Gereedschap
RSIN number 8526 48 340.
Chamber of Commerce number: 57592942.
ABN-AMRO: NL 93 ABNA 040 18 40 980
Triodos Bank: NL 34 TRIO 021 21 12 430

Postal address: PO box 3767, 1001 AN, Amsterdam.
Visiting address: M van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 58, 1054 SP, Amsterdam.
E-mail: info (at)
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