In the Jinja region, Uganda, Gered Gereedschap launches a comprehensive five-year project for training and employment creation. Together with local partners we will promote entrepreneurship and strengthen technical vocation education with various ‘building blocks’ for our EQUIP program.


The lack of a sufficient skilled labour force constitutes an obstacle for the economic development of Uganda. Especially lacking are technical quality and equipment, as well as the ability to acquire non-technical soft skills for entrepreneurship. The aim of project EQUIP Jinja is to promote vocational training in technical craftspeople by strengthening 14 private vocational training centres in the Jinja district.

Together with Ugandan partners, Gered Gereedschap will make it more appealing for young people to choose a career in technology. In cooperation with government and industry, 3500 young people will be given the opportunity to follow excellent technical education. Furthermore, 500 of them will be guided towards entrepreneurship. Also, 5,000 independent craftspeople from the informal sector will have access to high-quality tools and well-equipped workshops.


The project has duration of five years. The objectives are as follows:

Provide 3,500 students with access to excellent technical vocational training

In order to achieve this, the following sub-objectives are set:

  • develop a uniform curriculum for the participating schools;
  • equip 70 classrooms with tools and machines
  • set up a training programme for technical teachers;
  • train 50 technical vocational teachers;
  • provide a scholarship for 500 students,

Give guidance to 500 graduate students into employment

In order to achieve this, the following sub-objectives are set:

  • realise 250 apprenticeships;
  • equip 250 starting employees with a standard toolset
  • provide 100 starting craftspeople with microcredits

Facilitate access to high-quality tools and well-equipped workshops to 5,000 independent craftspeople

In order to achieve this, the following sub-objectives are set:

  • set up 5 (rental) workshops
  • provide 250 entrepreneurs with microcredits
  • give 250 entrepreneurs entrepreneurial guidance
  • create 375 professional workspaces
  • set up 1 refurbishment workshop


In implementing the Jinja Project, Gered Gereedschap cooperates with 14 schools that are members of the Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI). Local businesses, government and trade- and employers’ associations are also involved for instance with managing the workshops.  The programme is managed with the local organisations.

Bringing together expertise from the participants involved is an important safeguard for the feasibility of the project. Gered Gereedschap is convinced that large groups of young people can find enjoyable and meaningful work within the field of craftsmanship. This not only will enable them to build their own independent lives but will also strengthen the local economy as a whole. The implementation of this project will ultimately contribute to the strengthening of the Ugandan economy.


With the EQUIP Jinja programme we support craftsmen and women working in the following professions:


Gered Gereedschap supports with her projects both men and women with special attention for marginalised groups. 


A campaign to promote the opportunities for craftsmen and women is part of this plan. This campaign is designed and implemented locally and will use different communication channels.


Gered Gereedschap has been making an effort to strengthen vocational training in Africa for many years. With this project we are striving for everlasting effects on the skillset of the working population. With many years of cooperation with local organisations and professional expertise, Gered Gereedschap guarantees reliability and quality of implementation of this project. With a term of five years and a budget of just under 1.6 million euros, EQUIP Jinja will be the driver of change in the Jinja region in particular, and Uganda in general.


Gered Gereedschap is highly motivated to help the young people in Jinja, to give them a future in craftsmanship. We hope that you will think the same and support us in our pragmatic approach.

Please download the EQUIP-Jinja factsheets for more information

Factsheet Gered Gereedschap General information
Factsheet Gered Gereedschap Promoting Entrepreneurship in Jinja Uganda EQUIP
Factsheet Gered Gereedschap Educating Craftsmen and women in Jinja Uganda EQUIP

An extensive project plan is also available. Do you want to receive this or do you have questions? Please contact René Rutte or Peter Schmidt.

René Rutte
Project manager

Peter Schmidt
Project manager