Quality education is the keystone of craftsmanship. This forms the basis. It is the way to learn both theory and practice. That is why we pursue – with our programmes under the name of EQUIP – good quality vocational education, available to everyone. We do this by:

 Tools & Machines

Supporting technical vocational training in developing countries with tools and machines.

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Supporting disadvantaged young people with scholarships to receive vocational training and to purchase study material and tools.

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 Teachers programme

Providing training to teachers in technical and didactic skills to strengthen vocational education.

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Curriculum development

Development of training programmes meeting the demand of the local labour market for an optimum balance between labour market and vocational training.

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Quality vocational training in developing countries contributes to alleviate poverty. Actual hands-on experience is important, alongside theoretical knowledge. After all, the finer details of a craft are not learned from books. You can only learn these by practising. And don’t just talk about it, do it. This is how every carpenter, car mechanic or tailor starts. And of course, this is best done with quality tools and machines. Because quality tools are a job half done.

Gered Gereedschap supports schools with – in The Netherlands collected and refurbished – tools and machines and provides, if requested to do so, accommodation and equipment. If necessary Gered Gereedschap provides technical knowledge about correct and safe use, maintenance and management of relevant tools and machines.

Onze Ambitie


Many people in developing countries live in poverty. Most of the time there is not enough money for basic necessities like food, drink and clothing, never mind an education for children. Even though a good education increases chances of a life without poverty. Gered Gereedschap wants to provide training to young people from the poorest families through its scholarship programme.

For example, with help to cover the costs for training including the purchase of study materials. Gered Gereedschap will also provide quality hand tools, giving more young people a chance to self-reliance as carpenter, tailor or car mechanic.


A skilled craftsman or woman has thorough knowledge and skills to practise their trade. This starts with quality vocational training, it forms the basis. The quality of education depends to some extend on the teacher’s level. The more equipped they are in transferring knowledge to the students, as well in theory as in practice, the more qualified they will graduate. It will increase their chances on the labour market.

With the Teachers for Teachers programme, Gered Gereedschap works towards improving quality of vocational training in Africa. We train teachers with technical vocational and didactic skills, this ensures a professional and inspiring educational environment. Gered Gereedschap works together with EduKans on this.


To enhance job opportunities, it is important that the knowledge and skills young craftsmen learn at school is in balance with the demand of the local labour market. As that will increase chances to a successful career as for example a carpenter or tailor.

To reach this goal, Gered Gereedschap supports vocational training centres by developing curricula for different types of (technical) trades. This is done in conjunction with local businesses. Competences required in these businesses will be incorporated into the curriculum. Alongside professional knowledge there is also a great deal of attention for soft skills. Where possible, the government’s criteria will be considered to enable the young people to obtain an officially recognised diploma. Gered Gereedschap works together with Edukans on this.