Gered Gereedschap makes it possible for students to get a job after completing their vocational training. Practical help, taking care of a quick start! This is how we support with our programmes – under the name of EQUIP:

 Starter toolkit

The right tools for a good start at the labour market.

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 Master-Apprentice programmes

Newly starting craftsmen working together with an ‘old hand’ in the trade. Focus on transferring practical trade knowledge and life-skills

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Funding to purchase building materials, tools and/or machines

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Quality tools is a job half done. Whether you are a carpenter or a plumber: without the right tools like a hammer, a saw or a screwdriver it is difficult to do your job. Craftsmen in Africa usually have their own tools. For an average craftsman, leave alone one that is just starting, this is often difficult to budget for.

Gered Gereedschap helps and provides a good start by supplying 1-person tool kits for starting craftsmen. This kit contains enough tools for a carpenter, plumber or car mechanic to do his job. For tailors there is the possibility to get a sewing machine.

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A good craftsman cannot be without a quality education. This forms the basis. A craftsman will only truly learn his trade by practising. This starts the moment he leaves school. Support when putting the first steps on the labour market ensures a good start. For example, by learning the finer details of a trade from an experienced ‘old hand’ in the trade.

Who also gives advice on other issues. How do you find work, how to deal with customers? And how do you calculate the right price for a job? The Master-Apprentice program of Gered Gereedschap supports young people in developing countries to make a good start as a craftsman. They will provide you with the right knowledge and skills, for you to get a bright future.


Craftsmen living in poverty in Africa normally don’t lack entrepreneurial thinking. But they do lack money. A small loan can just make the difference. For example to purchase materials to make samples. Or to invest in purchasing tools and machines.

Due to the lack of sufficient collateral or not having a regular monthly income, it is often difficult to obtain finance at a normal bank for these craftsmen. A microcredit would be a perfect way to help these craftsmen to get started. Gered Gereedschap does not provide microcredits but it seeks cooperation with local partners.



Good vocational training is the keystone of craftsmanship. This forms the basis. It is the way to learn both theory and practice. This is why we pursue good quality vocational education, available for everyone.


Gered Gereedschap undertakes several initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the craft and construction sector. In doing so, we aim to increase employment among craftsmen in developing countries.

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