Gered Gereedschap focusses on the craft and construction sector. Many craftsmen do not own the right tools and are therefore restricted in the deployment of their activities. Gered Gereedschap helps – with its programmes under the name of EQUIP – for example by setting up:

 Rental workshops

Quality tools and machines are indispensable for a flourishing craft and construction sector. Gered Gereedschap makes these available to local craftsmen by setting up rental locations.

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 Refurbishing workshops

Old used tools are refurbished and prepared for re-use in tool refurbishing workshops. The refurbished tools will be used at local vocational centres or at tool rental locations.

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Quality tools is a job half done, also in Africa. For an average African craftsman quality tools and machines are unaffordable. And therefore unavailable. The rental workshops of Gered Gereedschap make it possible for them to also have access to tools and machines. Craftsmen can hire loose (sets) of tools and machines which enable them to work on location. It means support for craftsmen like carpenters, metalworkers, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, car mechanics and tailors.

The larger rental workshops offer craftsmen also the possibility to rent the workshop for a single day or part of a day to carry out their job and make use of its professional workshop machines. This way they are able to make (in a short period) better and nicer products to sell at the local market. It develops their self-reliance and increases their living standards as well as that of their family and community.

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Old used tools are refurbished and prepared for re-use in tool refurbishing workshop. The workshop offers immediate employment to local African workers who are actively involved with refurbishing the tools. These workshops are supplementary to the existing workshops in the Netherlands. Gered Gereedschap will use the refurbished tools locally/regionally to support vocational centres or at tool rental locations.

The refurbishing workshop is run by a local partner, mostly an NGO with similar objectives to Gered Gereedschap. Gered Gereedschap also supplies the rough materials: ‘non refurbished’ tools, collected in the Netherlands.


Gered Gereedschap takes an active role at realising these workshops by supplying the necessary machines, tools and if required, the accommodation. The local organisation will be supported by volunteers of Gered Gereedschap. They give technical advice concerning the equipment of the workshop, correct and save use of the delivered machines and advise on how to refurbish and maintain hand tools.

Our support consists of:

Tools and machines Accommodation and equipment
Knowledge and guidance Finance



Good vocational training is the keystone of craftsmanship. This forms the basis. It is the way to learn both theory and practice. This is why we pursue good quality vocational education, available for everyone.


A craftsman will only truly learn his trade by practising. Gered Gereedschap ensures a good start and supports young craftsmen and women with their first steps into the labour market.

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