Ultimo supplies accessible software for the management and maintenance processes of companies and institutions. The international company is strongly represented in the production sector, as well as in logistics, the infrastructure sector and healthcare. A large part of its users work in technical services. This is where the mutual interests of the company and Gered Gereedschap come into play.


For a number of years now, Ultimo has been supporting Gered Gereedschap with a financial contribution aimed at specific projects. Currently this is the Pioneer Technical Institute, a long-term project in Uganda in which refurbished tools and machines are used in education.


Ultimo’s CMO and Sales Director Ewout Noordermeer recalls: “I came across Gered Gereedschap by chance. My interest was piqued immediately. Our clients work with tools every day and the Ultimo software is in fact also a ’tool’ for the users. Tools that facilitate people are the perfect link for our collaboration. With our support, we contribute to the development of people and the communities in which they live in a sustainable way. Not only with money, but primarily with tangible support in the form of useful tools. The fact that these are tools with a second life, together with the workshops where volunteers, people reintegrating into the labour market and people distanced from it find a meaningful way to spend their time, gives our contribution an extra dimension.”


Ewout: “Our mission is to make customers more productive, safer and happier, helping them to do their jobs with a smile on their face. In a way, this also applies to Gered Gereedschap. Putting a smile on the faces of people in developing countries by providing them with well-functioning quality tools that will help them to build an independent livelihood for themselves. With the prospect of a happy future. That is something we are very happy to contribute to.”